Perry Perkins

Perry Perkins

Perry Perkins, Burnin’ Love BBQ

Perry P. Perkins comes from a family of professional chefs. As a third generation gourmand, he focuses his love of cooking on barbeque, grilling, and fresh Northwest cuisine. A private chef and freelance writer, Perry is the author of several novels and cookbooks. He blogs on barbecue, grilling, and just plain good food at

In His Own Words
"Like most folks, a sizzling, smoky grill has often been the centerpiece of my family’s activities, life events, joy and laughter, from my earliest memories. Cooking food over flames, surrounded by our "tribes", and eating as a community is part of our ancestral DNA, and the joy we each experience in doing so is part of what makes us uniquely human. As a cookbook author, food blogger, and menu designer, I have the privilege of sharing with folks my own ideas, tips, and recipes for making the most of these invaluable moments, by making great food. It's been an honor to partner with Sears, who for generations has been "the barbecue store" for millions of families, and to join with the cadre of grilling rock-stars they have assembled on the Grilling is Happiness blog. I'm the luckiest guy in the world!"

Rotisserie Grilling Tips


“Spit-roasting is one of the world’s most ancient and universal forms of grilling, and there’s nothing like it for producing exceptionally moist meat with a crackling crisp crust.” – Steven Raichlen I like chicken just about any way it can be prepared, but for the juiciest, most flavorful bird, I’ll hang my hat on rotisserie […]

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Holiday Side Dishes on the Grill


Let’s face it, there’s no “wrong” time to fire up your gas or charcoal grill (or a combo grill), and the holidays are certainly no exception. Sure, the weather might be a little cooler, the days a little shorter, and some of you may have to shovel a path through the snow to your grill, […]

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How to Buy a Grill for Gifting


Christmas is coming… and nothing looks better under the tree than a shiny new grill! If you’re planning on being the Grill Santa for some lucky guy or gal on your list, good for you… but put the breaks on that sleigh until you’ve asked yourself a few very important questions (and become a pro […]

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Top 3 Ultimate Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes


I love hot dogs on the grill primarily because they taste great, but also because they are one of those foods that are almost idiot-proof. Heat…place in bun…top with something. Dinner is served. Still, even if your Labor Day grilling involves dozens of hungry guests, there’s always something you can do to take an uber-basic […]

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Grilling on the Go


Grilling on the Go: Tips for Portable Grilling For me, no beach party, picnic or even a simple outdoor get-together is complete without the smell of something grilling. The aroma of smoke is what tells my brain that a good time is about to be had! burgers at the beach For grilling on the go, […]

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How to Make Your Own BBQ Rub


What is a Rub? A Rub is a spice and/or herb blend that’s used to coat meats prior to cooking. Rubs can be completely dry or can incorporate some liquids. This is called a wet rub or paste. Rubs are typically used in barbecue and grilling because they stick to the meat whether it’s on […]

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Hosting a Theme BBQ: The Luau

luau-food 203

So, last time we talked about livening up your grilling party by hosting a theme bbq, and we looked at some options and recipes for an old-fashioned Southern BBQ, as well as a classic Cuban party, complete with Mojo Pork Shoulder. That took care of our Southern roots, now let’s head west…way, way west…to the […]

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Summer BBQ Themes: A Night in Havana

beans rice plantains cuban 203

Themes can turn a simple backyard BBQ into a party your guests will never forget. For the first theme in this series, we had an Old Fashioned Southern BBQ, complete with Carolina-style pork barbecue and a boatload of sides. Now, it’s on to Havana for a grillout theme with authentic Cuban flavor. Pit-roasted pork is […]

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Summer BBQ themes: Old Fashioned Southern BBQ

bbq-buffet 203

Theme BBQ Series: Part 1 Sure, we all know how to grill up a few burgers and dogs, throw a stack of paper plates on the table and call it a party…but sometimes you just want to do something a little more…memorable. Me? I like themes. Every year on my daughter’s birthday, we have a […]

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How to Pick a Grill

pick a grill-203

Summer’s coming….and that means grill season! Father’s Day cookouts, graduation parties, 4th of July shindigs…the good weather/good food list goes on and on! If you’re looking for your first grill, a new grill for a new space, or it’s just time to replace ol’ faithful… make sure you’re investing in a grill that will make […]

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